ATKNSN is the leading smart home technology and online home automatic store in the Middle East

The Leading Home Automation & Smart Home Store in the Middle East



A smart home that costs less than your designer sneakers

The smart home begins the same way your designer shoe collection got started and would probably cost you a lot less

Once You Go Smart You’ll Never Go Back!

There are several additional benefits to buying and using wireless smart home and automation products, today we will discuss the benefit of them being easy to install.

Thanks for a great StepConference!

As those of you who follow our blog and social media know last week we showcased ATKNSN at the stepconference in Dubai.

Untangling Myths on Home Automation

People look wide eyed when they hear the term Home Automation. Perhaps hundreds of questions crop up in their minds. Automation is a term traditionally associated with manufacturing processes and so "Home Automation" may sound like an oxymoron.

Throwback Thursday 1950: Push Button Manor

Check out this Throwback Thursday to the first wall-to-wall automated home.

Introducing our new MCOHome fan coil thermostat

The MCOHome fan coil thermostat lets you save energy simply, with no guesswork, complexity or inconvenience necessary. In fact, you'll barely notice… except when it comes to your power bill.

4 طرق وخواص “ذكية” لمنزل أكثر أمانًا

عند سماع "منازل ذكية" أو "أتمتة المنازل" فإن أول ما يخطر ببال معظم الناس هو وسائل الرفاهية الحديثة. وقد يرتسم في مخيلتهم صوة منزل عائلة جيتسون على الأرجح. على الرغم من أهمية توفير الراحة والرفاهية إلا أن الأمن والحماية هو في الواقع جوهر معظم أنظمة المنازل الذكية المتواجدة في السوق حاليًا.

Fire Protection For Your Home and Office

Let me share with you my reasoning in the following paragraphs as to why installation of a automation system is a worthwhile investment from the standpoint of the safety of human lives and property.

Welcome to the ATKNSN blog!

We hope you use this page as a resource as you begin designing your new smart home or make additions to an already existing home automation system.

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