ATKNSN is the leading smart home technology and online home automatic store in the Middle East

The Leading Home Automation & Smart Home Store in the Middle East


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Where to start and How to convert to a Smart Home

Connected Homes, Smart Homes, Home Automation are the new buzz words we hear and see these days in every part of the world.

How Home Automation Supports Elderly Care & assisted Living

Comfort is about the right lighting, the right temperature and humidity levels. Dimmable LED lamps help control brightness and match the lighting levels to suit comfort level.

A smart home that costs less than your designer sneakers

The smart home begins the same way your designer shoe collection got started and would probably cost you a lot less

Once You Go Smart You’ll Never Go Back!

There are several additional benefits to buying and using wireless smart home and automation products, today we will discuss the benefit of them being easy to install.

How to transform your apartment into a smart apartment!

It has been the traditional belief that Smart Home Automation systems are meant for high end villas and apartments.

Brighten Your Life With Smart Home Lighting

One might wonder, but it is a scientifically proven fact that lighting does affect our emotions, behaviour and response. Experimental studies have shown that on sunny days people are more optimistic, report higher wellbeing and are more helpful while extended... Continue Reading →

HOME AUTOMATION – Luxury or Necessity

There is so much buzz in the Smart Home arena it makes us wonder if Home Automation is a luxury or is it a necessity after all. Is it just one of those fancy things or a fad that interests... Continue Reading →

Thanks for a great StepConference!

As those of you who follow our blog and social media know last week we showcased ATKNSN at the stepconference in Dubai.

تعرف على مقبض الأبواب الذكي: Danalock

إذا كنت من النوع الذي يفقد مفاتيحه باستمرار، أو ممن يستمتعون بخاصية فتح السيارة دون مفتاح، أو من يستخدم هاتفه الذكي في كل تفاصيل حياته، إذًا ستحب الاستمرار بالقراءة لمعرفة المزيد عن مقبض الأبواب الذكي Danalock.

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