All of us either have elderly people living with us or parents living by themselves or know someone who is elderly and need some kind of assistance with their living. They may have health conditions which prevents them from doing everything all by themselves or have difficulty remembering everything that needs to be done. There is a possibility their physical condition is such that there is a need to monitor their activity or inactivity at different times of the day. Or it may be necessary to keep track whether they are taking their medication in a timely manner or not.

Home automation devices can help you accomplish all of these goals by installation of sensors and devices with a wireless link to the Home Automation hub which in turn communicates with the home WiFi network. This makes it possible for the care giver to monitor and assist the elderly from any location using the Home Automation mobile App or by accessing the hub through the web interface on a PC. Alerts and notifications to the mobile App bring events to their attention for timely response.

By installing motion sensors and automated switches or smart sockets in the rooms the night lamps can be activated when motion is detected when the elderly wake up to answer the call of nature. Door/Window sensors can be installed on room entrance doors and bathroom doors so that lights turn ON automatically when the doors are opened. Bathrooms lights can be automated to stay ON as long as motion is detected through a motion sensor. The Door/Window sensors also help monitor the OPEN/CLOSE condition of windows. Window shades can be automated by installing motorised curtain controls.

Comfort is about the right lighting, the right temperature and humidity levels. Dimmable LED lamps help control brightness and match the lighting levels to suit comfort level. Use of coloured LEDs gives a choice between warm white and cool white and other colours that is soothing to the eyes. Installing a Temperature and Humidity sensor will help monitor these essential parameters and control the Air Conditioner and the Humidifier through additional control devices such as a Smart Thermostat and a Smart Socket.

As people age they tend to become more sensitive to the environmental conditions and sudden shifts are not good for maintaining a healthy living. CO2 sensor aids monitoring of air quality. A PM10 and PM2.5 sensor (Respirable Particulate Matter less than 10 & 2.5 Micron) helps in monitoring dust content in the air. This can avoid overall health issues arising out of dust inhalation and more particularly avoid allergic asthmatic attacks among those who are sensitive to fine dust. Alerts can be set to send notification to the mobile devices of the care giver so that timely action could be taken to correct the situation.

There could be times when the elderly need emergency medical help or they may face difficulty making telephone calls. Panic Buttons or Hands-Free Calling devices that can be integrated into the Home Automation network are available using which the elderly can seek help without going through the hassle of making telephone calls. Wearables such as Pendants and Wrist Bands with one-touch calling and location tracking are other available options. Integration of Voice Assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant with the Home Automation hub enable the elderly to carry out many of the tasks through voice commands without a need to exert themselves physically. Cameras can also be added and integrated to the Home Automation network but the privacy issues need to be kept in mind.

Routine activities can be automated through programmed ‘scenes’ for example

  • Turning ON lights around sun set
  • Turning ON bed lamps at the usual bed time and turning them OFF at a set interval after sunrise
  • Keep the window blinds open / closed during particular intervals of day / night

There are a wide range of options and one can start small and scale up in increments by adding additional devices as the comfort level increases. The Home Automation system discussed here is completely wireless that can be installed by any tech-savvy person or an electrician with basic skills even in existing homes with little or no change to the existing electrical wiring. Visit the ATKNSN Online Store and choose what best suits your needs. If you need any further information on this subject feel free to contact ATKNSN through our support or email and we will be pleased to assist you.