We all love our designer sneakers, the sense of uniqueness, the 1 in lets say 500 kind of sneakers. That makes you feel unique that makes you secretly smile every time you wear it. We at ATKNSN love that feeling that, although the reason we have that same secret smile is a little different. At ATKNSN we get excited over simple things like being able to control lights from far far away.

You would think that by now, after testing hundreds of different smart home and automation products we would be immune to the newness of it, but you would be wrong. Did you know that for a little over $400 you could get a light, a motion sensor, a control hub and a voice assistant device/speaker. That would be just the beginning really you could add another set of lights, an air quality sensor, a smoke sensor, a flood sensor and a smart plug to control any device that you plug into the wall socket.

It is a collection really, you begin with something small and then you add to it as you go along. Remind you of something similar? The smart home begins the same way your designer shoe collection got started and would probably cost you a lot less. ATKNSN is the best place to get started with that collection and adding to it. We are always on the look for new products that are just what you need in your life. And yes, if you want to create your very own climate controlled closet for that growing sneaker collection we got your back there too.