As those of you who follow our blog and social media know last week we showcased ATKNSN at the StepConference in Dubai. The stepconference was a wonderful opportunity to meet our customers in person. This was an important opportunity for us because we do not get to do that very often. We were flattered and encouraged by the response to our products and our store. It has validated the work we have done so far in bringing ATKNSN to fruition.

Is ATKNSN a person, an eCommerce store or a team. We like to think of ourselves as a team that uses the singular name ATKNSN to provide an identifiable entity. Much like Siri or Alexa we are a service using a name to represent ourselves. To answer the question of many who visited us and others who would like to know, ATKNSN is pronounced ‘atkinson’. ATKNSN is at your beck and call for all your smart home needs.

Our understanding of ‘smart home’ is not limited to homes. Indeed we believe that every place, space, nook and cranny can be ‘smart’ for everybody. ‘Smart’ products can be applied to solutions small or big. Our store, our blog and our support is all designed to deliver these solutions. We can solve mundane problems like automating the corridor lights or turning the water heater on in the morning so you don’t have to break your deep slumber and save electricity. We believe ‘smart’ products give a level of comfort and ease that should be accessible to everybody.

ATKNSN team continues to explore the wide world that is the ‘smart’ products and put together a collection that addresses the diverse needs and tastes of our customer. We take pleasure in finding innovative and beautiful products that will bring joy to your lives. In keeping with this mission this year we will be adding a lot more products to our store. We will be blogging about the technological trends, improving our support services and experimenting to bring concepts to life that we hope will change the lives of our customers for the better. We are committed to energy conservation, environmental consciousness and building an automated world but we like to enjoy ourselves while meeting these goals.

We will be launching our bespoke services very soon. What is a bespoke service? To answer the question a bit of context is required. When we met our customers at the stepconference we realised that a number of customers are looking for products that are otherwise unavailable or too expensive to acquire and once they have acquired these products they lack competent support for technical queries or warranty claims. ATKNSN is here to help. With our bespoke service we will deliver your favourite product and support you through out the process of setting up to deliver the solution you require.

Give us a shout no matter how small it is and we will deliver it. After all ATKNSN is your major domo, your go to person for all your ‘smart’ needs.