While it is an established fact that the level of lighting has profound effect on our physical, emotional health and behavioural patterns, not many people are aware that be it the office, home or exteriors the lighting in the environment we live affects the way we think, feel and act. There is evidence based on experimental studies that show that on sunny days people are more optimistic, report higher wellbeing and are more helpful while extended exposure to dark, gloomy days can result in seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People living in geographical locations closer to the Poles are susceptible to this due to shorter days in certain months of the year.

It is not just natural light, interior lighting at our office and home also affects our behaviour and emotions. In other experiments, researchers put study participants under different lighting conditions as they rated various things, such as the attractiveness of someone, the spiciness of a sauce, and their feelings toward positive or negative words. When the study participants were under the brighter lighting, their emotions were more intense. For instance, they wanted the spicier sauce, they thought the person was more attractive, and they thought the positive words were more “positive” and the negative words were more “negative”.

While doing the interiors of the home and office much attention is paid to the looks of the light fitting and its suitability to the interior settings but most contractors are not aware of the intensity of light, colour and heat emission of the type of light and its effects on our health and wellbeing. Another common error is the same type of lighting is used for all the living and bed rooms of the house though the needs are quite opposite. Brightness of the lighting has to suit the type of activity; both colour and brightness influence our moods, feelings and emotions.

The hospitality industry is a good example where the type of lighting aligns with the type of restaurant; fast food joints have brightly lit eating areas where people come to grab a quick meal and move on. Compare this with the lighting in high end restaurants where the lighting is subtle, mellowed down, slightly dim and there is variety in colour of the lighting and the whole atmosphere is created such that people who come there like to spend a long time, relax with friends and family while they feed themselves. On the other end of the spectrum are Pubs, Bars and Discos where there is limited general lighting with flashes or streaks of colour lighting with stroboscopes and such devices and the whole air is filled with loud music; and the people who congregate there are excited, effervescent and their moods are elevated – not entirely because of the lighting though!!!!!!

Though majority of homeowners are aware of this fact but they had limited choices until recently. Even if they wanted to have different lighting levels and colours either it was not available or it was just too expensive to implement – but not any longer!!!!! The GOOD NEWS is today by using dimmable lamps in combination with a dimmer the light intensity could be adjusted depending on the mood or needs. Without spending too much and quite easily you could have Cool White or Warm Yellow lighting by choosing the right lamp replacements from a range of LED lamps to replace the existing incandescent (filament type) lamps. By installing RGBW lamps with a suitable controller you could have thousands if not millions of colour combinations, brightness levels which don’t cost a whole lot.

Even better, by installing a basic Home Automation system consisting of a Controller, Devices, RGBW lamps and LEDs you could have Cool Lighting and flexible control over lighting in your home and office. Most of it you could Do It Yourself and even if you want to do a bit more complicated stuff you can engage a technician locally and have it installed. Having an effective, cool lighting plan implemented in your home is not something only the elite can consider anymore; it is affordable and easily available for purchase online.

Besides, the wireless controllers and devices make installations in old and existing homes possible without making major changes to the existing electrical wiring. So if you are living in an old home no need to despair; your home could be automated and transformed into a Smart Home like your next door neighbour as well. The icing on the cake – you could access and control all the functions viz., switching ON/OFF, Dimming through the custom application on your Smartphone. If you want to learn more or share ideas on transforming your home or office with some smart lighting effects write to support@atknsn.zendesk.com and also you could check out the online store shop.atknsn.com for all your home automation needs.