We hope you use this page as a resource as you begin designing your new smart home or make additions to an already existing home automation system.

So What is Home Automation and Smart Home Technology?

More than likely, if you are reading this blog, you have a particular requirement, desire, need or problem that you are hoping home automation will be able to satisfy or solve.

Everybody seeks convenience, whether they do so with the full awareness or not is another question. Let us assume that the world is filled with individuals who are all seeking convenience.

They are looking at ways to do things in shorter time, consuming less energy and spending less money. In industrial or business terms it is efficiency but we would like to use the word efficacy to better describe the effect this has on the daily life. Mankind has always sort automation, the application of technology, innovation or ingenuity to solve their daily tasks. This is true for everything from pulleys, beasts of burdens and watermills.

Given this culture and this ethos where are we going next? We are heading towards a world where your verbal instruction is sufficient to have actions be taken. This world is not some far away fantasy it is a very real possibility today. The question next is how one get such system?

Do we need to be Iron Man a.k.a. Tony Stark to have an AI answer and carry out all our instructions. The answer is no. Well granted that some of the systems aren’t entirely voice friendly yet but we are getting there. Meanwhile an app still works and we can give you that!

The end product is a simple control box a couple of sensors and some lights. This will give you a system that turns the light on all by itself. And turn the lights down where necessary. And can play music and provide ambient coloured lighting. All this for less than a brand new computer. So are we really there today. The answer is yes.

The ATKNSN store has a catalogue of Smart Home and Home Automation products that can help make everyday life easier. Keep an eye on this blog, as we will be announcing important news about our company and giving you the latest updates and ideas on how to make your home a place of safety, comfort, and simplicity with just one touch of a button.